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Since 1983 Lighting Systems Design, Inc. has been creating spectacular effects that have entertained and mesmerized audiences world-wide.

From the small business meeting to the nightly outdoor spectacular, LSDI utilizes the latest in laser technology to bring your events to life!

LSDI provides many laser display and laser safety related services including:

  • Creative Show Design, Choreography, & Production
  • Permanent Installation Design, Development, & Integration
  • Creative Show Content & Facility Upgrades
  • Product Design & Manufacturing
  • Safety Training & Consultation
  • Pangolin Software Training
  • Federal Variance Applications, FAA Notifications, Show Reporting to Federal, State & Local Authorities

Want to see more?

Request our fantastic promotional DVD! It contains several unique shows that help illustrate LSDI's commitment to excellence!

Thank you for visiting, we look forward to serving you at your next event!

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