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In 1983 a fascination with the ethereal beauty of laser light combined with a passion for high quality laser displays motivated Gregory Makhov to form Lighting Systems Design Inc.

In his pursuit to be at the forefront of the entertainment laser display industry, Greg has shaped LSDI into one the most respected laser light show companies in the world, garnering awards for artistry and technical achievement along the way.

Since the inception of laser light displays in the 1970’s lasers have become an increasingly popular tool for artists to express their visions. As a result audiences have become more sophisticated, yet the mystique of laser light has continued to tantalize audiences’ senses.

Today, LSDI continues to lead by example with our dedication to the concept of Technology & Art for the New Millennium.

Special event professionals and show producers are constantly searching for the “New Thing” to provide impact for their presentations or events. This has sometimes lead to the attitude of “Seen one laser show, seen them all.” However, by combining state-of-the-art laser technology with sophisticated laser artistry LSDI changes that attitude into “WOW! That was an incredible experience.”

Want to see more?

Request our fantastic promotional DVD! It contains several unique shows that help illustrate LSDI's commitment to excellence!


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Technology & Art For The New Millennium - LSDI can bring the power of today's laser technology to your next event

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